Celebrating National Nursing Assistant Week

During the week of June 9-16, Americans across the county celebrate an important holiday. National Nursing Assistant Week was established to highlight the important work of more than 4,5 million caregivers in the United States who selflessly help patients when they need it the most.

To express my gratitude and sincere appreciation of America’s nursing assistants, I issued a press release in honor of National Nursing Assistant Week. Please read the press release below and feel free to spread awareness about this holiday by sharing it with your friends and family:


Alliance Hospice CEO Robert Bruce Dalglish Celebrates National Nursing Assistant Week

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) June 09, 2016 — In recognition of National Nursing Assistant Week taking place on June 9-16, R. Bruce Dalglish, founder and CEO of the Philadelphia area-headquartered Alliance Hospice and All Caring Hospice, applauds nursing assistants around the nation, highlighting the important role they play in the lives of people in their care.

“Nursing assistants are instrumental in any medical profession, and especially in hospice care. Without the dedication of these workers, hospice care would not be what it is today,” said R. Bruce Dalglish, CEO of Alliance Hospice and All Caring Hospice. “I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation of all the hard-working men and women who provide hands-on care to patients in nursing homes, palliative, hospice and other care settings.”

Bruce Dalglish added: “A large part of health care is creating trust between patients and medical staff, and nursing assistants create this trust. These important professionals provide 80 to 90 percent of direct care to patients in long term care facilities. And, as we constantly strive to provide our patients at Alliance and All Caring Hospice centers with the absolute best care, we cannot underestimate the significance of the services that nursing assistants provide.”

National Nursing Assistant Week is dedicated to showcasing and further fostering the wonderful relationship between patients and nursing assistants, as well as to expressing appreciation towards more than 4.5 million caregivers who are there to help our elderly and chronically ill citizens when they need it the most.

About the Author

A resident of Philadelphia, R. Bruce Dalglish has served as the Chairman and CEO of Alliance Hospice and All Caring Hospice since 2005. In this role, Bruce Dalglish oversees the development and strategic direction of both companies. From 2008 –2013, Bruce Dalglish served on the Public Policy Committee of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO).

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Disclaimer: Blogs by Robert Bruce Dalglish provide educational information, not medical advice. Please consult with your medical providers when making end-of-life care decisions.

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